The 3 Things You Need To Get Clear On For Building A Funnel That Converts

Laying down the important cornerstones for your funnel-building foundation.

In business, having a plan is important. Having a vision is important. Having the right systems and strategies is important. But having a strong foundation is even more crucial.

In This 3-Part Video Training Series

you will learn...

  • What makes your ideal customer either want to check out your offer or to completely disregard it

  • How a common dating question and a job application question can help you get clear on your USP (unique selling proposition)

  • What you want your ideal customer to say to herself when she sees or hears about your product

  • What seals the deal and actually gets your lead to purchase your amazing offer

  • How to articulate the true benefits and value of your offer

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Meet Your Trainer

I'm a writer, educator, mindset coach and digital course creator. I do believe that much of the overwhelm surrounding the process of funnel-building has a lot to do with the absence or lack of an organized, easy-to-follow step-by-step system.


As an online entrepreneur, I create multiple funnels and developing my own system allowed me to create my funnels in half the time that it normally takes most people.


My goal with this training is to help you lay a solid foundation for your funnel system to eliminate the guesswork and to dramatically shorten the process of funnel building... so you'll have more time to do what matters most—nurturing your audience and loving up on your family!

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